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Upland, CA 91784
8775 Baseline Road
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
2420 W. Arrow Route
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Pop the Cluth

Reasons to Make the Scene!


  • You are hungry!
  • She wants fresh food made to order.
  • He wants more for his money.
  • It's your birthday!
  • She loves a great burger!
  • She loves classic cars!
  • You are a 50’s fanatic.
  • You want to share a banana split.
  • You loved Happy Days!
  • She Loves Elvis.
  • She loves our ranch dressing.
  • He loves Marilyn.
  • You wanted to marry James Dean.
  • Our fried mushrooms are calling.
  • It's your anniversary.
  • She wishes you could sing like Elvis
  • You are on a first date.
  • You want to try something new.
  • You want to catch up with an old friend.
  • We have the best BLTA around!
  • You want to meet new friends.
  • It's your anniversary!
  • You are having a bad hair day.
  • She wants to share a burrito.
  • You love memorabilia.
  • You just got married.
  • You are a one woman man.
  • She secretly loved Fonzi.
  • He loves our carne asada quesadilla!
  • You had an affair with Blue Eyes.
  • You need some time away.
  • You want to be a hip cat.
  • You are Elvis’s love child.
  • He has a classy chassis.
  • You want to meet some cool chicks.
  • You own blue suede shoes.
  • She needs her French Toast Combo!
  • You are two birds of a feather.
  • He loves our Gyros! 
  • You got some new peepers and want to kill.
  • You‘re a hipster.
  • They won and you want to celebrate!
  • You are really cookin’ and want to chill to some cool sounds.
  • You want to recover from a fake-out.
  • She is ‘radio active’ and wants to make the scene.
  • You want to sing happy birthday like Marilyn did.
  • It's his birthday.
  • He loves our Turkey Club!
  • You want to ask her to marry you.
  • You brought home the bacon but don’t want to cook it today.
  • She is the bees knees.
  • You are busy doing nothing.
  • You love a great shake.
  • Your nick name is Potsy.
  • Everyone loves a big breakfast.
  • You had one too many last night.
  • You are a VIP.
  • You are a consenting adult.
  • Our salads ROCK!
  • You did your best.
  • You got a raise!
  • You had a crush on Potsy.
  • You got a gift card!
  • You love great food!
  • He wants to show off his car.
  • The cat’s away!
  • You want to support a fundraiser.
  • You need a girl’s night out.
  • A good man is hard to find.
  • You want a good deal.
  • He is a grease monkey.
  • You are happily married.
  • You want to hang lose.
  • You had a nice day.
  • He wants to try our Buffalo Burger.
  • She has a hectic schedule.
  • You're a lady’s man.
  • You love to let it all hang out.
  • You're a rebel without a cause.
  • She is a cat on a hot tin roof!
  • You miss your record player.
  • You love the simple pleasures.
  • She wants a great omelet!
  • He is an easy rider.
  • You're a trend setter.
  • He is an unsung hero.
  • She loves a winning combination!