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Word from The Bird


We love this place. The service is great and the employees make you feel good about the place...always friendly and a smile on their faces. We have NEVER had slow service or bad food in our weekly stop for lunch after Church every Sunday.

by lyledb at Yahoo! Local 5/26/2011

Wonderfully prepared turkey burgers! The ingredients are fresh, the turkey is juicy (and these patties are super easy to ruin). My biggest complaint is that I live entirely too close to this place, which threatens to ruin both my waistline and wallet. Also, I WISH they had a smaller option for the fries (I once appreciated the generosity, but now I'd rather just have the joy of the fries without the sadness of throwing away 3/4. Also, although it technically is "cheap," it's more expensive than standard fast food fair (probably because the ingredients are good quality). Most women/girls could probably do well to split a combo rather than get them individually.

by Candace B. at Yelp! 8/21/2011


by angela at Yahoo! Local 03/09/2011

Legends is great when you want large amounts of food at a reasonable price.
They're most known for their fries, which have a zesty seasoning and go GREAT with their ranch dressing...

Their burgers are delicious! Always crisp and fresh, and nicely cooked, too. Their JR. Burger is about the size of your traditional burger. The Legends Burger is ginormous, so be prepared when ordering....

One of my favorite meals, next to their burgers, would be their chicken gyros. The chicken (similar to fries) varies in quality from time to time, but it's always edible and delicious. They serve it with tomatoes and onions on a nice bread, and the tazitki sauce (I probably spelled that wrong) that comes with it is delicious, and goes great with their fries, too.

They close at 11pm, which stinks, because sometimes Legends fries would be great for a late night snack....

Great for family dinners, quick lunches, or even a fun breakfast. All in all, Legends is a very nice place, and great for families. 

by Cyndi L. at Yelp! 11/13/2011

the food is excellent, never had a problem at all in the 4 yrs of eating there. Great portions, car enthusiast friendly, and definitely a good place to eat with family and friends without breaking the bank. Good job Legends!

by kirby g at Yelp! 5/29/11

I love this place! Yes its a fast food joint people, and yes the prices have gone up but so has the rest of the world! Considering the portions (large) the food is always cooked just right, flavor is great. We are a big fan of the Breakfast Burritos, fried mushrooms, and the Legends burger.
For those of you who want 5 star food and service with a fastfood price GOOD LUCK! You can always go to McD's! Hahaha!

by Nat S. at Yelp! 10/7/2011
"the atmosphere was unparalled to any other 50's style diner i have ever been to. my husband and i went to eat there and we were hungry so we got the large portion fried zucchini with our main courses and we couldn’t even finish half together.  the proportions are humungous. the food tastes pretty good i would say it is a high class fast food. the price was great for the portions and the service was pretty good too. "
by katarina g at Yelp! 5/3/2011
"if i didnt live so far from this place i'd visit once a week literally...great food,clean atmosphere,and large portions...customer service is great "
by MD S at Yelp! 2/18/2011
"Everything I've tried on the menu has been great. The Turkey Burgers and the Pastrami Sandwiches are the best in town, and there's nothing like Legend's fries. "
Will at Yahoo! Local 8/30/2010
"These guys really know how to make a bomb-ass-burger! I order the bacon avocado burger and split with whomever I'm with. The burger has huge chunks of fresh avocado and has tons of flavor. I almost wish my sister never told me about this place because I want to eat there all the time. They do have an enormous menu and the prices aren't too bad. You have to try this place, you'll get hooked! "
by Cloe C. at Yelp! 6/23/2010
"Great place to have a quick meal! I really enjoy their menu. All the burgers are tasty. "
by Howie Einstein at Yahoo!Local 10/6/2010
"i love this place i been coming here since 2002 Pastrami sandwiches are the best. "
by draz at Yahoo! Local 6/24/2010
"There are many great items on their menu, but the Legends salad is like no other. It’s a meal for 2-3 people and you will not be hungry. Just thinking of it with a side of Legend’s fries makes my mouth water."
by becauseican at Urbanspoon 1/9/2010
"Excellent food and huge helpings. They have the best strawberry milkshakes in the IE. "
by Juan on Yelp! 1/27/2011
Awesom Place!
It’s clean, its fun to sit and look at inside, and the food is awesome! Generous portions, excellent flavor. Thumbs UP!!
by Karen at google maps 4/15/2010
"The best BLT sandwiches in the Inland Empire! Big portions on the side orders, but they taste great, like the zucchini fries we had this time."
by Michael K. at Yelp! 7/6/2010
"Everything I've tried on the menu has been great. The Turkey Burgers and the Pastrami Sandwiches are the best in town, and there's nothing like Legend's fries."
by Will at Yahoo! Local 8/3/2010
"I had their version of a Junior Cheeseburger. It was yummy. I especially liked their fries! One order is enough to share & they come seasoned w/ranch on the side.

The decor is very cute; from old license plates, to Marilyn & James, to their comfy booth seating. The staff was very nice and the place was really clean.

I'll go there again anytime I want something "diner" when I'm in that area..."
by Jeanne M. on Yelp! 12/13/2011
The food is delicious, the portions are huge and the service is terrific. What more needs to be said.
by Dan at Google maps 12/3/2009